Fat Guy Friendly Approved or Not

Old Country Buffet Name kind of says it all.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Along with being good, its more filling than it looks. The wait staff even asks you movie trivia after you've ordered to help pass the time.

Chipotle Big burritos, very corporate feel though.

Taco Johns Not the greatest, but it's cheap and fast.

Schlotzsky's The reuben's are awesome, and not a booth in site.

Popeye's Best fried chicken you can get from a chain. Great sides too. The seating has sucked at everyone I've been too though.

White Castle Many tiny hamburgers equals few large hamburgers? Seriously though, get the chicken rings if you want your stomache to live

Buca di Beppo Awesome Italian, family style. Seating is only so-so.

Culver's Good food, decent seating.

Sonic Good food, great seating (at least if you stay in your car).

Khan's It's a mongolian barbeque, you pick raw meat, veggies and sauce and they grill it on a big flat "stone". You can get just 1 bowl or for a couple of bucks more you can have as many as you like.

BD's Mongolian Grill Same style of food as Khan's only a better sauce selection and soup. But the soup sucked.

Longhorn Really good steak, and there is a half rack of ribs add on for it to boot.

Fat Sandwich Company the name really says it all, big good sandwiches

Capriotti's Really good sandwiches, quality in every bite

Quiznos If you love bacon get the Chicken Carbonera, lenty of love (aka bacon). *Demoted* I went back recently the sandwich was still 9 bucks but now it sucks.

IN N OUT  Good burgers, bad seating

Del Taco Not really national, but big on the west coast, a little better than Taco Bell quality wise, but pretty much the same seating.

Taco Bell The food is getting better and it's still cheap. But the seats suck, I always have to use the handicap seats to be comfortable.

Fat Burger Judging by the name you'd think this place is very FGF, but I was disappointed. The food was only ok. And many of the seats sucked.

Quaker Steak Terrible food, terrible portions, avoid.


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